Arctic Angling

Arctic Angling Visit Arctic Angling at:á Arctic Angling, whose headquarters are in the village Raufarh÷fn, in northeast

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Arctic Angling

Arctic Angling

Visit Arctic Angling at:

Arctic Angling, whose headquarters are in the village Raufarhöfn, in northeast Iceland, offers trout fishing tours on lakes and creeks in the area of Melrakkaslétta (“the Plain of the Fox”). The peninsula is the northernmost part of Iceland and we will be fishing just a few kilometers from the polar circle. The lakes have a natural stock of brown trout and arctic char. Most fish are 1-2 pounds, some smaller and some bigger. The lakes have creeks between them and finally a river running to the sea and sometimes sea-run fish go all the way up to the lakes. In the creeks the brown trout hide under the grassy banks and if one is careful not to spook them they take the fly aggressively.  Birdlife is very colorful on Slétta. Every lake has its pair of Great Northern Divers (Common Loon) and their melancholic sound adds some magic to the summer nights, while during the day air battles between Whembrels and Long Tailed Skuas go on and on. Gyrfalcons, Graylag Geese, Ptarmigans, Red Necked Phalaropes and many other species of bird and ducks are there as well.

In Raufarhöfn we will stay in the comfortable Hótel Norðurljós but out on the plain we will sleep on camp beds in  tents (four person tent  for two persons) under a duvet. For meals and gatherings we have a 19m2 heated Mongolian-style yurt tent. Luggage will be brought on horseback to the camp and those who want can ride along.

When we are on the Langanes peninsula we will stay in small apartments on the farm at Ytra-Lón. The river there, called Lónsá is a well-known 4 rod river. We will fish for sea run arctic char, brown trout and sea trout. Brown trout fishing in the small lake Ytra-Lón is always available to guests of the hotel.

The tour includes a visit to the biggest national park of Europe, where one can see amongst other things the mighty Dettifoss-waterfall.




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